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Found a Bird?

Resources for handling injured and deceased birds, and local rehabilitation contacts.

Injured Bird

Learn when and how to handle birds by following the links below. Situations vary based on the age of the bird, so please confirm which stage the bird is in before handling.



Nestlings are small and featherless. If you encounter a nestling out of the nest, they need help.



Fledglings are slightly older than nestlings and have feathers. A fledgling out of the nest is normal and likely does not need help unless it is in direct danger (cat, traffic, etc.).



An injured adult bird that does not try to avoid human contact needs help.

Report a Non-Fatal Window Strike

Many birds that hit windows do not die on contact. It is important that they are taken to rehab as soon as possible after the strike occurs. Please report all local window strikes to us so we can best advocate for change.


Local Rehabilitation Contacts

Animal Help Now - Website and App

Appalachian Wildlife - 828-633-6364


Wild for Life - 828-665-4341


North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission Help Line - 866-318-2401

Dead Bird

Learn more about how to handle a dead bird and report window strikes here.


Handling and Removal

Follow the link below for resources on handling and disposal of the carcass on your property.


Report a Fatal Window Strike

In the Asheville area? Share your window strike occurrence with us so we can better advocate for change.

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